A sudden medical emergency happens at or near your home.  You need assistance and dial 911.  A skilled professional EMS staff is dispatched and begins care for the ill or injured.

If you have been a continuous supporter of the Pittston Township Ambulance Association, THANK YOU!  Please continue the tradition of investment in your local EMS operation.  If you are new to Pittston Township, welcome to our community and we invite you also to support your local EMS.  And if you have not supported us in the past, we respectfully request that you reconsider your decision not to support us …You may need us!

Don’t take your Ambulance Service for granted!

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN (EMT) - Become a state certified professional EMT.  Training includes intensive 160 hour course with candidate obtaining EMT certification upon successful completion.  Duties and responsibilities include active patient assessment and care in a pre-hospital setting continuing to a medical facility.  All training is provided with local employment opportunities available.  Required EMT age is 18, full operations status. 


The Pittston Township Ambulance Association is a state certified Emergency Care provider serving Pittston Township and the surrounding communities.  An equal opportunity employer/recruiter, positions on our staff are open to men and women interested in the exciting field of Emergency Medical Services.  

Contact us - Pittston Township Ambulance Association, 24 Bryden Street, Pittston Twp. PA 18640.  Phone - 570 654 4717.

DRIVER/ATTENDANT – An entry level position learning EMS operations.  Train as an attendant learning CPR and first aid skills with hands on experience assisting professional staff members.  Drivers operate vehicle during response and transport of patients.  Appropriate training is provided.  Ideal for the retired or semi-retired person who desires to be involved within the community.  Required drivers age 18.




Our 41st Year of Care, Compassion and Service

1977 - 2018


The Pittston Township Ambulance/EMS has openings for persons, male and female, interested in Emergency Medical Services.  Join a team of professionals delivering emergency care to residents and visitors to our community.  Candidates must be in good physical condition, pass a background check and possess a desire to serve in a challenging and rewarding environment.  Volunteer/schedule time as your personal lifestyle permits.